Bruno's Sculpture Garden
UPDATE: On February 7, 2009 a massive bushfire destroyed the town of Marysville, Victoria, in which Bruno's Sculpture Garden is located. It is highly likely that Bruno's gallery and the garden itself have also been completely destroyed.

As I write this that fire was less than 12 hours ago. My father was one of the CFA volunteer firefighters who was in Marysville when the fires came through, and said there was no possible way they could have saved the town. Fire crews and residents, including Bruno Torfs himself, spent the night taking refuge on the town football field while the town burned around them.


Photos from our visit in January 2007 to Bruno's Sculpture Garden in Marysville, Victoria in Southeastern Australia. The sculpture garden is a really amazing and magical garden filled with 25 years of work by sculptor Bruno Torfs.

In most cases I haven't named the works because I don't know what the names are, and didn't want to confuse people between a description of what's in the sculpture (which you can see anyway) and the 'actual' name of the work. If they have names.

We spent a good hour and a half wandering through the garden, listening to the birds singing in the trees and lush fern growth and many flowers which surround the paths and alcoves throughout. Truly one of the most amazing collections of work I've ever seen for the combination of art and environment that makes it a real experience.

We were lucky enough to meet Bruno, a charming and interesting fellow, in the gallery while we were there.

For more info about the garden, Bruno, and his work visit his website:

There is a book featuring the sculpture garden works, a DVD about Bruno's life and work, and other information on the site.

Jose Gelida has also written about the sculpture garden en Español in his blog here.
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