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More Things In Heaven And Earth...

This is one of my favorite photos I've ever taken, for several reasons. Technically it's not anything fantastic, in fact you sort of have to try hard to tell exactly what it is, but it was such a great experience, and I like to be reminded of it. Those are glow worms at the bottom, and above the view directly up through the canopy of trees at the stars.


It was taken in the state of Victoria in Southeastern Australia, in a valley which has glow worms that live along the sides of the road. You have to drive up a dirt road and then hike up there in the dark and wander around with no lights, or they stop glowing. There are really no signs telling you exactly where the glow worms are, so you set off in the dark and figure you'll wander until you see glowing things. If they even exist. Is this just some joke the locals play on the tourists?


Then you see them. Millions of them. All along the sides of the valley. This photo only shows a tiny fraction of what you can see. As though the stars themselves had gotten lost and merged with the ground. This shot doesn't capture that effect very well, but it does give an idea of how bright the glow worms (lower) are compared to the stars (upper).


I almost didn't want to mess with the camera, it was so beautiful it was almost enough for Nina and I to just sit there and enjoy it without needing to take a photo. But I did, set it up on top of my backpack in the dark and shot this with a 10mm lens in total darkness and a guess at an exposure time. You'll have to imagine the transition from hill to trees to sky.


And then you just stand there in the dark staring at it all, like a little kid.


Looks a little bit more nocturnal in the lightbox.


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Taken on February 19, 2010