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Gateshead Talmudical College, early 1930s

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This is a group photo of the students and staff of the famous Gateshead Yeshiva probably from the early 1930s. Today this is the most important yeshiva in Europe and one of the most important in the world.

This is a very Haredi institute (yeshiva). But the boys are dressed completely different from how Haredim dress today, although Haredim today claim that they are dressed how Jews in Europe have dressed for centuries! Photos like these are very rare. Many Haredim are anathema to be photographed. Note that the boys wear trilbys or caps but the Rabbis, the two in the middle, are bare-headed without hats, just kippot. Also, today it is exceptional for any Haredi male to be clean shaven.

The two Rabbis are Nachman Landinski and Eliezer Kahan, not sure which is which.

Photographer unknown. I saw this photo in Gateshead by Miriam Dansky . I added it to the wikipedia article. My mother owns the original which I have scanned.

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  1. a.renate 86 months ago | reply

    I love such pictures! Nice work.

  2. Beer30 86 months ago | reply

    It certainly doesn't surpise me that you don't understand why my photos (that are actually taken by me) are justified to be where they are in Just One Photo

  3. saultakesphotos 86 months ago | reply

    Beer30, it's part of the fun of the group. Never mind.

  4. Beer30 85 months ago | reply

    Huh? Doing the very first thing flickr tells us NOT to do is not part of the fun at Just One Photo.


  5. saultakesphotos 79 months ago | reply

    Hi chrisrobinson1945,
    Thanks for your comments, they are very interesting. There are no secrets in Judaism! There are lots of places you can share the "knowledge", most has been translated into English and there are lots of websites. Or, you can ask me!
    I have never been to Gateshead although my grandmother was born there.

  6. saultakesphotos 79 months ago | reply

    It's from Jonah! I like how he takes responsibility for his past doings, I like to see the storm as a metaphor for the troubles of life and standing up and being somebody as a means to solve them.

  7. unclemoish 77 months ago | reply

    DearMr Davis,
    Re your picture Gateshead. Your comments are not all correct. (1) Many Charedim do not have beard (2) You do not have an original. I do and it is clear yours is not as the headings "Gateshead..." were added later ie photo is doctored. (3) If your copy were a good one, you would clearly see that the Rabbis at centre have head covering. If you want i will send you a better "copy" to prove. I also have the names of the boys.A list is attached to the photo. Do you have this list ?

  8. saultakesphotos 77 months ago | reply

    Dear Uncle Moish W.,
    (1) You can call me Saul.
    (2) Some Haredim do not have beards, almost all do. The Litvish/yeshivish Haredi is slightly more likely not to have a beard, especially when this photo was taken.
    (3) The photo I have is from decades before digital photography and scanners. It is an original, a "copy" could only be made from a negative and as such is an original! I suppose the banner was added at some time later. The addition of the banner does not mean it is not an original.
    (4) Thanks for pointing out that the rabbis have kippot. I have corrected my comment.
    (5) I would like to see your better copy.
    (6) I would very, very much like to see a list of the boys. My Gateshead born Grandmother had this photo (since been passed on to my mother). We assume that one of the boys is a relative of ours (either Bell or Meyers) but we are not sure which. A list would be amazing.
    Kol tuv,

  9. Dudy Braun 72 months ago | reply

    How old is this picture?

  10. saultakesphotos 72 months ago | reply

    David Braun, Not exactly sure when the photo was taken. We assume it was in the 1930s. Love to hear your opinion of it.

  11. lamedmem 54 months ago | reply

    Hi unclemoish you said some time ago that you had a better gateshead yeshiva photo also you said you had a list of all the names of the boys could you send me copies?


  12. saultakesphotos 54 months ago | reply


    unclemoish also said he had a list of names which I would really like! I tied to contact him with no luck. Apparently the Jewish Tribune published this photo a few months ago.

  13. ravyehoshua 43 months ago | reply

    I hope someone is still monitoring this. The rabbi on the right is R. Eliezer Kahan, my grandfather (of blessed memory). I believe, though I'm not sure, that the boy in the first row, second from the right, is my uncle, Dr. Ely Kahan, retired professor of Physics at Imperial College and now living outside Newcastle, not far from Gateshead. I'll send him this link. If it IS Uncle Ely, then this picture must be later than you suppose, in the early forties.

    Blessings and wishes for a good and sweet Rosh Hashanah,

    Yehoshua Kahan

  14. saultakesphotos 43 months ago | reply

    Thank you very much for your input. I have added notes to the photo for the people you referred to. Please do send it to your uncle I would love to know if he recognises himself and then we can date the photo.

  15. 340s 16 months ago | reply

    Wonderful picture and follow up.

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