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'I feed my baby!' | by Ben McLeod
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'I feed my baby!'

Liam is a very caring and helpful big brother. I took this picture the other day when I walked in the room to find Liam plugging his crying baby brother with a bottle he had pulled out of the baby bag.


Yesterday afternoon, I was out running errands and Nikki was at home with the boys. She was on the phone with a volunteer for a road race she's helping organize. Liam was on the porch playing and Camper was in the kitchen in his high chair.


Camper started crying because he was hungry. Nikki really needed to finish her conversation, so she went into the office. A few minutes later, she returned to the kitchen where Camper was still crying and Liam had done his little trick of pushing a chair over to the sink. He was standing on the chair with his back to Nikki. The water was running, and, as usual, he was very busy.


Nikki said something to the extent of, "Liam stop playing in the sink." To which, he replied, "I not playing. I feeding my baby!"


He had found one of those snap-on bottle tops (similar to the one pictured on the ground next to LIam's left hand) that you pop on the bottle when you put it in the baby bag {and you don't want boob juice or formula all over the inside of your bag.... I digress...}


He had then poured some of Camper's baby rice cereal into said bottle top and was in the process of mixing it with water when Nikki found him.


Nikki said it was slightly runny, but perfectly serviceable. She transferred Liam's mixture to a bowl, added some more water and rice and fed Camper his first meal prepared by his older brother.

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Taken on May 9, 2007