cereal aisle

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    I brought my camera to the grocery store today. I thought it would be a fun place to play with the lensbaby.

    As I was strolling the aisles, snapping some shots, I was approached by a weenie manager.

    "Are you taking pictures in the store?"

    "Umm, yes," I replied. "Is there a problem."

    "Yes, you're not allowed to take pictures in the store," he answered.

    "Errr....OK. Why?"

    "Because you need to get written permission from corporate," he said.

    "That's not really 'why' as much as 'how.' But OK, I won't take any more pictures."

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    1. rt44man 111 months ago | reply

      Ben, you could have been doing undercover price comparisons or checking out the latest way to display cereal that is sure to get all five year olds to grab boxes and sneak them into their mothers shopping cart. OOoh, you were up to no good and they busted ya. Cool shot guy. Try a friendlier store and keep snapping.

    2. gillicious 111 months ago | reply

      Yeah, that's happened to me and friends of mine, taking photos in stores. It's rather silly really.

    3. f2point8 111 months ago | reply

      Your not allowed to take picture in a store? Are they worried you're not going to pay for the images in your camera? They'd probably have a cow (in the diary section) if you brought your own bar code reader in. Next time just tell the manager weenie it's OK because you're just practicing and there's no film in your camera.

    4. Walsh 111 months ago | reply

      next time, tell him you work for the underground press, and it's in his best interest not to get involved. tell him there's no need for his name to be involved in your story...unless he really wants it that way.

    5. MAKSTER 111 months ago | reply

      This makes me so mad. Escpecially because of the lame-butt reason.

      "Oh yeah! Well you get corportate on the phone! I gotta question to ask!"

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