Safe and Warm

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    Our second tray (籠) of dumplings, these are 鮮蝦韭菜餃 (shrimp and fried leek dumplings). We're keeping them under wraps because then they'll stay warm longer.

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    1. tattersallelle ages ago | reply

      miamm miamm Ilove them too!

    2. Boback ages ago | reply


    3. momentous rabbits [deleted] ages ago | reply

      Oh god i want those!!!

    4. ben+maggie ages ago | reply

      They sure were tasty, and if you follow the rest of my set, you'll see what's inside them!

    5. well-groomed driving [deleted] ages ago | reply

      hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... you make me hungry!!!

    6. NordicLondon ages ago | reply

      great texture in the shot. Clarity in the middle section of the frame is really good.

    7. kellinahandbasket ages ago | reply

      They look like sea animals in their owner's basket

    8. jfvo ages ago | reply

      Yummy! I'm officially hungry now!

      By the way you made position #2 in Explore today ....

    9. ben+maggie ages ago | reply

      @.naomi: Yeah, me too now! I actually have a different dumpling picture (in my 鼎泰豐/Ding Tai Fung set) that makes me salivate even more!

      @NordicLondon: Thanks for the analysis; I'm just starting out, and beginning to play around with taking better pictures than one's average Uncle Bob's vacation photos. Always open to constructive criticism.

      @kellinahandbasket: Haha, I guess they do, huh! Never thought of them that way, mainly because they don't last long enough to warrant much thought!

      @jfvo: Wow! What a highlight for me! How do I find the rankings in the Explore page?

      @ALL: How would you retake or recrop this photo to improve it?

    10. exuberant basin [deleted] ages ago | reply

      I <3 those little pillows of joy. They look so perfect. Keep 'em coming!


    11. ~~JC~~ ages ago | reply

      Would be nice to keep this picture in its original form...

    12. WomanChild ages ago | reply

      How delicious!!!

    13. [ olivia ] ages ago | reply

      Yum! Looks delicious!

    14. Bucket2005 ages ago | reply

      Yum yum yummy! These look really good especially against the wooden steamer.

    15. jfvo ages ago | reply

      I suggest you to use Scout

      and you have also the yellow lanterns in explore now ...

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