Ed Spiteri's 1934 Ford Roadster
Issue 15 of Heavy Duty Hot Rods is on-sale now and contains our feature photo shoot on Ed Spiteri's incredibly clean 1934 Ford roadster hot rod. Ed's had this machine in his garage for almost 10 years and you'd be forgiven for thinking that something this clean is a fresh build, however the car - like everything in his expansive garage - is simply immaculate, regardless of age.

Powered by a blown 302ci Cleveland V8, the '34 is no slouch. It also features an HR Holden front end and rear suspension setup, with a C10 gearbox and 9in diff'. Be sure to read the car's full story in issue 15 of the magazine, at your newsagent now.

As always, we've got six FREE desktop wallpaper images of Ed's '34 available in 1680-resolution.

The shoot wasn't the easiest we've ever done, taking place in Ed's garage, which while spacious for its intended purpose, wasn't particularly forgiving when it came to shooting. As usual, you'll find our lighting info and EXIF data included.

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