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(Some of my favorites... This is just a selection, all my other photos can be found at this link)

Here are some photos I took in different countries: landscapes, monuments, animals, people, a bit of everything...

See THIS VIDEO featuring the "before" and "after" versions of some 70 of my photos (with original music).

Some of my sources of inspiration:

Nature: Nature is a god for me. I often spends days or weeks walking in empty areas, forests, deserts or mountains, searching for amazing landscapes earth can offer. Like many people, I find comfort and balance in peaceful places.

Human intelligence: I'm fascinated by all the accomplishments of Mankind: Knowledge, Culture, Sciences, Arts, Music, Architecture, Engineering, Computers, Technology…

Human societies: Interactions between people and the way human beings find amazing solutions to complex problems have always intrigued and inspired me.

Personal stuff: I'm also inspired by many small events in my life, family, friends and the people I love.

If you wish, you can find more info about my work and my perception of art and photography in these interviews
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