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No matter the reasons or the circumstances, I love you today
more than yesterday!

A quick sketch I made while I was in Spain some time ago.
That dog was standing there, alone, looking at me. So cute.
I thought he needed some good company...

If you wish, you can view a detail here
and the full series here

The above picture has been shot with the Samsung NX11

>>> Review from THE TELEGRAPH for this picture: A cat
seems to snuggle up to a dog in this picture from the Pencil Vs
Camera series by Belgian artist Ben Heine. The 28-year-old takes
colourful photographs of people or landscapes but covers a part of
the image with a pencil sketch. The sketch adds a bizarre twist to
the picture and acts "like a magic door to a fantasy and surrealistic
(The Telegraph, Dec. 2011).

>>> Review from THE SUN for this picture: "Dog's life ... cat
cuddles up to pooch"
(The Sun, Dec. 2011)

See THIS VIDEO showing some 18 Pencil Vs Camera
images in progress (small animation and original music).


For more information about my artwork:

Love Is...

A poem by Peter S. Quinn

Love is a love today
Like before and without
Feelings gestured and play
That’s what love’s about
Nothing to do with playing
It’s just you and me
Forever in a heart staying
With every its opportunity

Love is not gone away
Like some of a longing
It’s in your heart to stay
Never its own abandoning
Ties to its circumstances
Giving its standing a thought
Each of its moments enhances
Blossoms of Forget-Me-Not

Love is a love like May
Spring in its freshest mood
All that makes life okay
Time of each life and food
Every in its music of own
Growing in wisdom more
All that can never be shown
That is what love stands for

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  1. cowlishaw 11 months ago | reply

    I seriously like all your pics

  2. Massimo Distefano 10 months ago | reply


    Seen In All Photos X-Press Us
    Please tag the photo with "All X-Press Us"

  3. JoeCow 10 months ago | reply

    Great portfolio

  4. R Kydd 9 months ago | reply

    I love this! Fantastic work!

  5. willobao1975 9 months ago | reply

    Perfect work!

  6. bobbat 7 months ago | reply

    too cute for words!

  7. Optical illusion 7 months ago | reply

    Simply perfect!

  8. ImKayd1 6 months ago | reply

    This a very sweet and lovely shot !
    Seen and appreciated in :


    __♥ Thank you for sharing ! ♥ P1 / Cmt 1__

  9. Esther Vinju Photography 6 months ago | reply

    This a very sweet and lovely shot !
    Seen and appreciated in :


    __♥ Thank you for sharing ! ♥ P1 / Cmt 1__

  10. Atrista 6 months ago | reply

    From a fan of Genie's Light
    This wonderful image deserves a Genie's Light Award

  11. Lois Enrique 6 months ago | reply

    Fantástica composición y excelente procesado.

  12. j0sh 6 months ago | reply


  13. StephAnna :-) 5 weeks ago | reply

    As one of the admins for Flickr’s 100 Best, I'd like to invite this superlative image to join the fun and compete for a place in our group pool. Please read the group’s rules and submit your photograph to challenge one of our Best100. Good luck with your challenge!

  14. mjuneau2 2 weeks ago | reply

    This makes me smile so wide it hurts my face!

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