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The Dancer

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I made this with hundreds of random hand-written words. That was a

time consuming project. I might be working on similar images shortly.


My mother is a dance teacher. So this piece is dedicated to her! :)



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Angel (Sonnet 14)


A poem by Peter S. Quinn


With a mind and a face of an angel,

She toned each my feelings with affection;

Letting on me, fragile kind of marvel,

And showing me the straightest direction.

To the castles in the mystified air,

Where the desiring rainbow crosses through;

And we sometimes do fly away to there,

When we feel down, and are exposed and blue.

All the ways of grace she showed then to me,

With viewpoint to courage and to be kind;

How easy it is then to become free,

If all worries are left forgotten behind.

This angel is sweet creature so divine,

Everything else a shadow, to her shine.

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Taken on January 12, 2011