• Happy Moments: soundclick.com/share?songid=9194899 - Peter S. Quinn
  • A Poem for Shan

    Touch a moonbeam
    With your smiles
    Race you
    Across a
    Million miles
    Trace your giggles
    One by one
    Playing spaceman
    Sure is fun! - katiegab715
  • Dreams Going By And By

    Dreams are going by and by
    One by one they disappear
    Like the clouds in open sky
    When breeze in wind them steer
    Rhymes tint onward pleasures
    Is their drill and true glow
    Hours waking in their treasures
    Before morning comes to go

    Every word that quills in
    With its dream in dip of art
    In their glow and dawn spin
    That came straight from heart
    Filling moment’s quivery quick
    Every day and lightless deep
    Fire of the inspiring wick
    To the mind and spirit to keep

    Dreams of flowing with the day
    In the moments of true waking
    Each feeling that came its way
    Within gush of loves making
    Strung on tempered touched string
    Of the emotions that rises on
    In with that excitement bring
    As flames are burnt and gone - Peter S. Quinn
  • i love this picture. all of them are so good! - alexphillips.
  • me gusta!!! - lameato feliz
  • Inspired by the book the little prince?
    I love his flower. - Online Photo Share 2013

Pencil Vs Camera - 23

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© Ben Heine || Facebook || Twitter || www.benheine.com

This is dedicated to a little girl named SHAN.

She is different, special, unique. She will always see the world
with the eyes of a little girl, searching for her little prince.

See THIS VIDEO showing 18 Pencil Vs Camera images in
progress (with a small animation and some original music).


For more information about my art: info@benheine.com

A Poem for Shan

A poem by Katie Gabrielle

Touch a moonbeam
With your smiles
Race you
Across a
Million miles
Trace your giggles
One by one
Playing spaceman
Sure is fun!

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  1. CelinaBM 51 months ago | reply

    Como todas: EXCELENTE... Pero aún más: ¡¡¡¡AMO A "EL PRINCIPITO"!!!!!!!!!!

  2. lllabao 50 months ago | reply

    I love it so much!!

  3. Mendoshp/xxx/ 50 months ago | reply

    es el principito.. puffff preciosa la foto

  4. SuperAndyyy 49 months ago | reply

    ah love the little prince

  5. MyDailyUK 49 months ago | reply

    Hi Ben,

    We gave you a shout out for our Photo of the Day on our Twitter feed :) Here's the link if you want to share or RT (or just for your reference!)


    Philippa (MyDaily)

  6. Emotioned.com 49 months ago | reply

    We are working on a monthly travel and adventure sport competition, all winning entries will be published in an online magazine. Judge panel will selected from Flickr.

    There are 3 parts of the competition, 2 parts are currently under development:

    A Flick group called : www.flickr.com/groups/emotioned/

  7. ru_atreyu 48 months ago | reply


  8. lameato feliz 47 months ago | reply

    me encanta..favoritay en una expo..gracias

  9. @lKl [deleted] 46 months ago | reply

    superbe !!!!

  10. IndigoBamboo 46 months ago | reply

    I cried out an "Awww" when I saw this. It's so adorable.
    I love the story of The Little Prince and your description is so beautiful.

  11. Lucas Frattini López 44 months ago | reply

    Me encanta tu galería!! Sos un artista increible! Te felicito amigo!!!

  12. Pinocchio_Is_Dead 42 months ago | reply

    magic shot
    love it
    please, look at my last work ;-)

  13. Nana&Bump 41 months ago | reply

    These are way cool! I love Le Petit Prince

  14. angelodaVerona 38 months ago | reply


    Thank you for sharing your artistic work!
    award code by Adriënne, on Flickr
    ====-==== NO REQUESTS ====-====

  15. Naturebyme [deleted] 38 months ago | reply

    You're a great artist!

  16. camicorca [deleted] 35 months ago | reply

    Im in love with this album.. you have an impresive imagination :)

  17. MARY_ZGZ 26 months ago | reply

    Great work!!!

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