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Until I get There

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I took this photo in Kenya, during a 2 week safari. That giraffe was

walking with grace without even paying attention to us...



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Little by Little


A poem by Peter S. Quinn


There is always some sign

Giving me purposes letting me find

Little by little I will reline

Reaching my highway leaving behind

All that's nothing without or strong

Penny are wasted never again

Let there be something in this song

That gives me a heart not searching in vain


All or nothing is how I was born

Reaching my aim and my desire

Thoughts are wasted some are wind-borne

Taking their dream higher and higher

Here I'm wanting like everyone distinct

To go ahead cause I gotta find out

We have our time before we go extinct

What we can do what it's all about


Little by little I'm gonna look

Though I don't know exactly where

Aiming for something play by the book

Taking the steps that I might dare

Give what I can before it's too late

Reaching a goal reaching a dream

Isn’t life indubitable oh isn't it great

Everyone going ahead with their scheme




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Taken on March 9, 2010