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Michael Jackson - The Childhood He Has Never Known





This is a full digital painting. The sad teddy bear symbolizes Michael's difficult childhood. I also wanted to express how hesitating Michael was at the end of his amazing life.


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By Michael Jackson


Have you seen my childhood?

I’m searching for the world that I come from

’cause I’ve been looking around

In the lost and found of my heart...

No one understands me

They view it as such strange eccentricities...

’cause I keep kidding around

Like a child, but pardon me...


People say I’m not okay

’cause I love such elementary things...

It’s been my fate to compensate,

For the childhood

I’ve never known...


Have you seen my childhood?

I’m searching for that wonder in my youth

Like pirates in adventurous dreams,

Of conquest and kings on the throne...


Before you judge me, try hard to love me,

Look within your heart then ask,

Have you seen my childhood?


People say I’m strange that way

’cause I love such elementary things,

It’s been my fate to compensate,

For the childhood I’ve never known...


Have you seen my childhood?

I’m searching for that wonder in my youth

Like fantastical stories to share

The dreams I would dare, watch me fly...


Before you judge me, try hard to love me.

The painful youth I’ve had


Have you seen my childhood....




ABC (3 Sonnets)


By Peter S. Quinn


- A - Every Man Is a Child


Every man is a child of his dreams

Searching through each his going and true coming

From the days that have given some their deems

With each their lost and found in their fathoming


Rivers never go dry with understanding

Those that are found in the deep of the heart

Strange weirdness is there constantly demanding

Adventurous thoughts of their counterpart


Lives central things make the world go around

Like a simple smile shining through tomorrow

Where childhood happiness is often found

Even those that once were buried in sorrow


Before you judge any man try to love him

With your compassion in times turmoil's brim


- B - The Inside of Everything


The inside of everything's still glowing

With wonderments you can never be without

In a go to go it’s always there showing

To give you its promises with any doubt

Light of its sweetness that never goes away

In from your true and beautiful that's you

Playing on moments that feelings only play

Something in its times that is here new


The deep secrets from your heart and its beat

Like the rose buds in the thorns of their touch

That in your way of lives each to treat

Giving hope of much or only some of such

Everything that's from inside of the deep

From love and its feelings - for always to keep


- C - Those Times


Those times that is changing from young to old

In searching the world and looking around

The days of the new that no moments can hold

And you in your feeling have some there found

Like understandings of views that come and go

Drip of the times the lost in its looking

Past flowers in moment’s memories heigh-ho

That through your roots onward is on hooking


Playing eccentricities to make you feel good

Keeping you as child in life without reason

Each of its compensate and true brotherhood

Changing in adventurous for each season

The strangeness of the ways that love and give

A childhood of conquest to reinvent and live




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Taken on March 8, 2010