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Alcohol Anonymous

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Alcohol Anonymous


A poem by Richard George


I am a clever enemy.

I am always one step up on you:

when you say two, I am three, and four.

I always have the right excuse,

the watertight alibi;

the disarming confession.

There is always a more charitable conclusion.


I am the patron saint

of actors, and confidence tricksters,

of those you like who are not your friend.

And I am not your friend.

I shall slur the tongue of my nemesis,

dim her eyes and dull her ears,

I shall turn her wrath to contentment

and her chiselled marble features

into red and rustic.


I am a disease

that feels like rude good health;

a central nervous system depressant

that makes you forget you are tired,

a last resort that feels like Plan A.


I am a clever enemy,

and one you will never defeat:

the best that you can hope for

is exile from my house of love

and sad celibacy.




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Taken on September 23, 2007