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Volsung Hall (Brickvention 2018 Collab Ben and Eli) | by Ben Cossy
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Volsung Hall (Brickvention 2018 Collab Ben and Eli)

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So this Build marks the 6th year Eli and I have displayed together at Brickvention. Every year we both build one half of a diorama. Together we then place our two sides together and the final model comes together for 4 days only at the convention... Sounds tough right? Well add the additional factor of both of us living on opposite sides of Australia (I'm in Perth, Eli is in Brisbane) and we have to fly our MOC down to Melbourne to set up and display. This year we added the challenge of placing Eli's sides on top rather then next to mine, another fun challenge. Lots of hard work and planning go into these annual collaborative builds, and I speak for both of us when I say we've very proud with the end result this year.


I meet and caught up with so many talented and kind hearted people at Brickvention 2018 this year and it was honestly one of the best years yet! We were lucky enough to win the commendation prize as pictured above, couldn't have done it without Eli!




The Kingdom of Rhorevia is at peace once again, the various Kingdoms are united after the 'High King's Accords' were signed by many across the Realm... However the Golbin and Orc armies united under the Shadow Triad have returned staging daring protests and attacks, every day their power grows, threatening to return to what it once was prior to the Destruction of Bahnhof. The High King fears that the treaty may not be enough to stop the mystical power of the Shadow Triad! To ensure the safety of the Kingdom, he tasks the Wizard Arakoth to use his knowledge of the mystic arts to find something that can end The Shadow Triad before it's power destroys the Kingdom.


After weeks of research, Arakoth finds a map to Volsung Hall, the ruined and abandoned city of an ancient people who died off centuries ago. The catacombs had never been explored, perhaps they held treasures or secrets that could fulfil the Kings wishes? Arakoth gathered the best mages, Adventures, and mercenaries in all the Realm and together this band of Adventurers set out to Volsung Hall... However so did the Orc and Goblin Armies.


Upon entering, the Band of Adventures were attacked by Draugr, undead warriors of the fallen Civilization that once lived in Volsung's underground Halls. The Adventures were separated by the Draugr's unrelenting attacks, but this worked in Arakoth's favour. Arakoth entered a large room and before him stood a bright glowing egg, papers and books nearby explained that this was a Dragon end. The Egg was placed below in the deepest chambers of Volsung so that none would find it. A keen spirited Warrior leapt forth to snatch the egg only to be turned into an undead warrior. It seemed the Egg had some sort of curse of the undead laid upon it to prevent it from hatching, or to prevent it from leaving Volsung Hall.


Arakoth knew much about the Mystic Arts, he searched the chamber for some kind of counter-spell of counter-measure to lift the curse from the egg. A bright Blue glowing crystal caught Arakoth's attention, could this be the way to lift the curse? As Arakoth's fingers began to grasp the crystal, a roar echoed through out the cavern. Arakoth's eyes widened in fear, a crimson Red Dragon stood before him, towering over him, it's eyes narrowed ready to attack!


Will Arakoth and the Band of Adventures find a way to take the Dragon egg? Will they survive the Mother's attack? Will they make it out in one piece? Only time will tell..




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Taken on January 21, 2018