CUMTD customer service rocks
Nadja and I were off to a show on a Friday night. According to the bus schedule, our Green West would arrive at a transfer point several minutes before the bus we had to get onto.

Alas, using the MTD StopWatch program, we found that our second bus was going to get there several minutes BEFORE we did.

Our driver kindly called ahead and asked for the driver of the next bus to wait for passengers to be dropped off.

As we pulled into the transfer plaza we watched the other bus pull away and leave.

Our driver was extraordinarily helpful and apologetic, and she tried to think of something she could do. Alas, a call to MTD and we found that we had no options. I told them that I'd call back with a complaint on Monday and have my receipt for the cab fare.

We called a taxi and were standing by the bus shelters when a bus labeled NOT IN SERVICE pulled up and opened its window.

"Are you the two who didn't get their transfer?"

That's right, the CUMTD sent a BUS to pick up TWO passengers who were unable to catch a scheduled transfer.

THAT, ladies and gentleman, is customer service beyond the pale, and THAT is why I love the Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District.
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