Abandoned Homes Under the Stars
While out exploring places far from city light pollution, I occasionally come across houses, farms, structures that have long been abandoned. It's fascinating to me the beauty these places can still hold while slowly falling to pieces.

I get nostalgic and imaginative wondering who built it. What plans did they have, what lives did they live in these places?

In its current state, it is a hazard. Many would call it a failure. A body, dead, but unburied- bones and skeletons still standing. The wallpaper is gone, the windows are usually broken long ago, roofs caved in sometimes, stairs collapsed- but every one of those elements was once purposefully and carefully put there, piece by piece until a house was made.

And now we see it as a wreck. The rubble after the story is over.

But I disagree. I think the story is still being written, and I love when it's being told with stars overhead.

This is a set I look forward to contributing to.
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