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    On Saturday, Valorie and I went up to the Star Party on Mt Hood, at Timberline Lodge. Wow! There was alot of people! Big telescopes were set up all over the place for visitors to look through and enjoy, friendly dogs trotted around happy to be playing in the dark, and the stars showed up in force.

    The first half of the night was tame in regards to viewing stars because a half moon was shining big and bright in the sky. But, around Midnight, it dropped and the sky came alive.

    Myself, Valorie, and Chip went down to Trillium Lake to look for Gary and Ted, but we could not find them at the boat dock we believed they were at. Valorie passed out asleep in the back of the car, Chip and I stayed up shooting timelapse and pictures. Since the moon dropped, the contrast in the sky was spectacular. And, even the Perseid meteors began streaking across the sky!

    This was my first time shooting there at night and I was freaking out at how beautiful it is under the stars. It was certainly an incredible night.

    Turns out Gary and Ted were only a couple hundred yards away at the lower end of the lake, both of them taking star shots and enjoying the night also. I was really bummed out to hear they were there and we went to the wrong spot, but... hard to complain now after working on this picture!

    Thanks to all the folks involved in organizing the Star Party- it was good fun! Also, shout out to Joanna, Paulo, Chip, Gary, Ted, and Valorie whose company made the evening really nice :-)

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    1. Jared Ropelato 33 months ago | reply

      absolutely stunning.

    2. Bob Bowman Photography 33 months ago | reply

      Brilliantly done !
      This wonderful image was seen in
      Beautiful Night Image 夜景
      Light trails

    3. Purpletree..(Nancy Lee) 33 months ago | reply

      Amazing!! Just gorgeous!

    4. Sumerian~Lights 33 months ago | reply

      wow....thats amazing.

    5. Oncejakphoto 33 months ago | reply

      No question about it, love the reflective sparkles...

    6. Jerry T Patterson 33 months ago | reply

      Wowzers Ben !! You are the master !!!!

    7. Glints & Tints 32 months ago | reply

      A masterpiece again Ben... as usual the stars are shining proper and the distant hues are mesmerising.... and I have already got the explanation (in your Facebook page) about the mystery light on the hill.... :)
      great one... love it!

    8. Rami Al adwan 32 months ago | reply

      What an amazing shot is this?

    9. ryanmackley 32 months ago | reply

      Beautiful star shot. Wonderfully done.

    10. Philip Kuntz 32 months ago | reply

      Breathtaking nightscape! Love the glow, reflections and vivid skies! Exceptional works!

    11. Rob Featonby 32 months ago | reply

      INCREDIBLE IMAGE! Love the light and symmetry.

    12. ouistitis 32 months ago | reply

      Wow ! Gorgeous !
      Thank you for sharing.

    13. Anthony Beavers 32 months ago | reply

      Out of this world truely superb image

    14. mmacey2 32 months ago | reply

      wow this is amazing! (not just this your hole photostream)
      did you know you're on stumble upon?

    15. dogslobber 32 months ago | reply

      just stumbled upon some of your night sky shooting tutorials.... excited to try it out! (if i ever make it out of the city to find some some decent starscapes!) Just wanted to say think you for sharing your knowledge!

    16. kiowas 25 months ago | reply

      wow, beautiful!

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