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Crater Lake under the Stars

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Entry for Astronomy Photographer of the Year:
This is a 9 image stitch. 5 for the sky, 4 for the landscape. Images were taken consecutively, in as tight a time period as possible.
Crater Lake National Park, Oregon, USA

*long sigh of relief*
Man, it feels good to have this one done.
Crater Lake National Park, Oregon.

It's a 9 pano stitch. 5 exposures for the sky, 4 for the landscape. It's been a bear to process and edit. But I am psyched to see this printed as large as it can go!

I've lived here in Oregon for 3 yrs now, and this was my first trip to this National Park. Chip McAlpine was kind to have me along on his trip. He saw the break in the weather in the perfect star conditions and made the trip. I freaked out when I heard he was going and begged myself along. I can't thank him enough for the opportunity and the fact he did all the driving while I snored!

This image represents alot of effort for me. It put a strain on me physically, emotionally, mentally, and even with my relationships. I am very pleased with the result and am happy that if there was something to put all the strain on life- then this may have lived up to the demands.

Being a digital photographer is a weird thing. I consider myself a creative artist, but the process and lifestyle seems comical compared to other traditional arts. If you sit in front of a canvas on an easel painting for a month, it's evident you're a painter and the work process is very viewable. If you're a songwriter, you can spend night after night at the piano hammering out the melody and lyrics. It's not wondered what you're doing when someone walks in on you. A writer has some of that mystery in the process I guess.
But, as a digital photographer- it's a struggle to justify the process of sitting in front of a computer for three days to process something. If I was a film photographer, then spending three nights in the darkroom makes sense. But, three days in front of Photoshop and Lightroom seems more like I'm just surfing the web. *laughing*
We have a new reality to accept.

Anyway, amazing trip. Amazing experience.
Here's a "night shooters" blessing I'm working on,
"May your skies be clear,
The moon rise behind you,
Your batteries fully charged,
And your morning drive home safe."

Thanks for visiting :-)

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  1. Mathieu Rivrin - Photographies 26 months ago | reply

    Congratulations, i'm very impressed by your galery. That's fantastic work !

  2. whatsupduck 25 months ago | reply

    Truly astonishing. You can even see the glowing star's reflections in the lake.

  3. Arlene Castro 25 months ago | reply

    Bless your talent..I thank the Lord for you..seeing beautiful work like this makes me feel soooooo good! The lake is a stunning place on it's own..you took it to the "max!" Thank you..

  4. 3e4u 24 months ago | reply

    Fantastic! I totally understand what you mean when you mention the difference between digital photography and other arts. I am just getting into digital photography but have been playing guitar for 17 years. There is something satisfying though, being able to see a photograph in a landscape before you even snap the picture, and then after all the work, see the finished product.
    You have some amazing photographs. You have inspired me to venture into some night shots. Hope to post some shots of the Milky Way from Colorado soon. Thanks for the tutorials too!!!

  5. 3e4u 24 months ago | reply

    I grew up in OR. Crater Lake is truely a fantastic place. Thanks fo the trip home...

  6. Miley 67 23 months ago | reply

    Absolutely stunning!

  7. coach48 21 months ago | reply

    Great, great, great,
    Just love it. Beautiful work..........!

  8. saden999 20 months ago | reply

    Muy bonita!

  9. Justabird2 18 months ago | reply

    Perfectly composed over the lake! So pleasing to the eyes. Love the cool, blue tone of this. Quite magical!! Makes a fine work of photographic ART! Worth all the strain and effort! ;) angie from FL (Adm) (Note: 2 images a day may be posted)

    "Hi, my name is Angie aka Justabird2, and I am an Administrator of Howard and Caz's Gallery. Only exemplary work on a Platinum Level is invited. Once posted (2 images a day allowed) in the pool it will have it's last viewing by the Senior Art Director. If approved your image will take a permanent seat of honor amongst the finest of Flickr images. That is what makes HCG different and unique to Flickr. I believe, in my opinion, this wonderful image of yours belongs with this high quality Gallery! Please, take a look at Howard and Caz's Gallery and if it is to your liking I would be honored for you to post your marvelous work. Your hard work and effort is appreciated and I look forward to seeing more of your talent. I thank you very much for your time and consideration. Angie, (Adm)"

  10. Gerbell 17 months ago | reply


  11. Rob Featonby 17 months ago | reply

    superb work Ben

  12. Theresa* 13 months ago | reply

    One of the prettiest night shots Ive ever seen! Im just starting to get into star photography and can learn a lot from you. It will be my pleasure to view your future works. You have an incredibly awesome photostream!

  13. leucodraco 12 months ago | reply

    love that candy bar :-)

  14. Yannick Lefevre 10 months ago | reply

    i really like this curving blue starry sky above the white land

  15. zpowderhound 7 months ago | reply

    Truly one of the most stunning landscape astronomy shots I've seen, and I've seen many, many good ones. I'd like to know how long was your exposure (f-stop and shutter speed... pretty please?) and at what iso did you shoot? Both the stars and the landscape are crisp without any apparent motion in either; so I'm thinking your exposures can't be longer than 30 seconds. I shoot a lot of landscape but have not yet gotten into nightscapes like this... would love to. I'm looking to learn a little. Thanks in advance.

  16. Dan Panaitescu (light catcher) 4 months ago | reply

    Simply one of the very best pictures I've seen on Flickr. Well worth the 216,000+ views. I, as well would love to know the time exposures for the 9 shots. The light on the right is what makes the picture go from a great shot to something spectacular.(would love to know where that light is coming from?) Thanks for posting and sharing. A true gem to capture and be out there for so long to get the shot happy shooting!

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