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Frozen. | by Ben Canales
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Here's another shot from this weekend's trip up by Mt Hood. It's interesting, because, from this angle, it looks like a totally different mountain! Mt Hood never ceases to keep me guessing and gawking. I know this shot looks kind of fake with the light on the mountain and plume blowing- it had me staring at my preview screen after every shot thinking it wasn't real! But, the mountain is backlit by the light of Portland and Government Camp, but my guess is also the bright light of Timberline Lodge. As the winds blew drift off the top, the light from behind eerily lit the scene.


Aaron and I got our butts kicked hiking in the knee deep, fresh powder snow. Even with the extension floats on our snowshoes, we were sinking deep with every step. A mile and a half of cutting our own trail had us beat. Our plan was to go higher, but with the sun setting and nothing but more ball busting deep snow ahead, we were happy to make camp near this creek.


It was fun :-) Winter camping presents all sorts of challenges to keep you on your toes and paying attention to what you're doing. By 8pm, we'd both eaten and were finally feeling warmer from the Ramen, so with nothing left to do and still being wiped out from the hike in, we crashed in the tent. While Aaron was taking his shoes off to get in his sleeping bag, I was just laying on my bag, all my clothes on, savoring the feeling of not moving- when I thought, "hm... I wonder what the tent looks like glowing here right now..." I got up, pulled the camera battery out of my inner jacket pocket, turned the camera on and trudged back out to satisfy my curiosity of the shot.

The first shot had me hooked!


From there it was "Aaron, turn the light on! Now off!"

"Ok, back on!"

After 15 minutes I released him from lantern duty to go to sleep. But I told him, "The star madness has struck, I'm going back out shooting!" I brought another tent just for this type of scenario, so while Aaron slept in his tent, I drug mine all over the place taking pictures. *laughing* Ever since I started taking pictures of my tent under the stars, I use it less to sleep in at night- usually I'm not in it to sleep till about 5am after the stars are gone.


The image below is sunrise. Beautiful, but no clouds to really make it pop. But, it was certainly a thing to experience. The video below it is from before sunrise. It got cold this night. Like REAL cold. I'm guessing 0 degrees. But, it made for some startling clear stars. Awesome thing to see :-)

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Taken on February 25, 2011