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Sons of Pegasus

I love the magic of the night sky.

This is my take on the Horsehead Nebula sailing over the Wild Horses Monument in Vantage, WA.

To get a small grasp on the incredible visions above us outside our Earth, see the source of this image here:


I was going through photos from this year and began going over the Horses Monument photo shoot. I thought it would be interesting to find a mixture of the Horsehead Nebula and one of my shots from the horse sculptures. This was a very enjoyable project to get into :-)


I'm in a bit of a bind lately. I've become fixated with the night sky, spending hours and nights far from home taking pictures of the stars. But, my interest hasn't taken me equally as far into the astronomy books. Over 2010 I've taken a ton of pictures of the night sky with my DLSR and I am very proud of my work. I hope I can be an instrument to connect people in cities to the wonder and beauty of the stars shining bright and clear far from their porch lights...and my porch lights. But, I just have a real trouble getting into the deep space stuff. I find it mesmerizing, but it's so difficult to relate to it. So, working on this, was taking a step beyond what my eyes can see to the beauty of deep space above us.


I'll stop it at that. I think I'll change this caption a few times before it says something that expresses well enough how I feel.


Credit to National Optical Astronomy Observatory/Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy/National Science Foundation for the nebula image.

But the foreground image is an unposted shot from my night shoot at the Wild Horses Monument


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Taken on May 8, 2010