Entering full on paranoia mode

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    1. redefining 79 months ago | reply

      Not paranoia. More like normalcy in today's world.

    2. jasonEscapist 79 months ago | reply

      Everything in my house gets shredded. I need a bigger shredder.

      Despite my best efforts, I just got a letter from my company's crappy-ass HR firm, saying that a laptop of theirs had been stolen which contained all of my personal information including address and social security.

      I totally shredded the letter.

    3. Ben Brown 79 months ago | reply

      In anticipation of The Shredder's arrival, I have been stockpiling mail to shred. I am going to be feeding it paper all night long. I just wish it could take a whole Design Within Reach catalog all at once.

    4. jcn 79 months ago | reply

      You'd better be recycling all that shredded paper.

    5. Ben Brown 79 months ago | reply

      Dude, I recycle everything.

    6. El Gray 79 months ago | reply

      Did you name the shredder Paul Grinderman?
      Whatever the case, that made me laugh.

    7. Ben Brown 79 months ago | reply

      Yes, his name is Paul Grinderman. I need to take a new photo to show his eyes, teeth, and stylish goatee.

    8. urban_mermaid 79 months ago | reply

      @jcn: you're right, you should recycle and i just read the other day that the shredded paper is hard to recycle. but fortunately we live in san francisco, and ben can stick his shredded paper in the compost bin, or at least that's what is recommended here.

      but i do the same thing. mine is full right now and i have a stack of stuff to mutilate.

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