sign inside Hugs in Williamsburg.

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    a bit racist, perhaps?

    upon seeing this, we turned right around and went across the street to zablonski's. a much more pleasant experience.

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    1. Benjamin Running 56 months ago | reply

      update: the sign has been removed.

    2. kd1s 56 months ago | reply

      Interesting. As a public place you really cannot restrict membership in an overt way.

      I'd bet that they still turn people away at the door if they're wearing any of the above.

    3. Benjamin Running 56 months ago | reply

      what is not evident for those who haven't been there, is that this bar is a total shit-hole. these are not the typical nightclub "no hat/no sneakers" rules intended to keep it high-class or something.

    4. pazzia 56 months ago | reply

      hilarious. stephen showed this to me from consumerist. didn't know it was your's at the time.

    5. amysimmer 56 months ago | reply

      whoa. there are no words.

    6. thekateblack 56 months ago | reply

      As one of the gothamist commenters noted, this is the same dress code set at the 4040 Club, owned by Jay Z.

      Is he racist?

    7. amysimmer 56 months ago | reply

      there's a big difference between a williamsburg white people hipster bar and the 4040 club.

    8. thekateblack 56 months ago | reply

      What's the difference, amysimmer?

    9. Benjamin Running 56 months ago | reply

      the difference is that 4040 is a high-end, expensive, classy place with a dress code designed to maintain an atmosphere desirable to upscale and celebrity clientele.

      hugs, on the other hand (as i pointed out above), is a gross dive bar where you go to drink cheap beer and play Big Buck Hunter.

      it's often filled with clientele wearing ratty t-shirts, jeans, and sneakers. that's fine and all, but suggesting the 'dress code' is in place to keep the place 'classy; is not even remotely possible.

    10. tanyandsuki 56 months ago | reply

      all i could think was, whoa they really don't want anthony up in this joint ;)

    11. incoglido 55 months ago | reply

      most ironic (in fitting with the hood) part is that Cazwell is the host of tonight's party.

    12. filmnet 49 months ago | reply

      How is this racist? If I saw this in the UK, I'd assume they wanted to stop chavs coming in. Chavs being predominently white, of course.

      Black people are free to wear what they want, just as white people are. So if you think all black people dress like chavs, then you're a racist.

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