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I was tagged twice, once by Masked Builder and now recently by Stinger, so I have finally decided to post my tag photo... and am forced to reveal 10 facts about myself... dun dun dun


1. I know Masked Builder in real life.

2. I build with LEGOs (obvious), and am improving my landscaping techniques

3. I love photography

4. I'm going to have a DSLR soon :D

5. I listen to bands like Decyfer Down, Disciple, Skillet, and a bunch more... Alternative Metal

6. About online games... Nitrome is the best :D

7. I'm awesome

7 1/2. Silence I keel u

8. I used to play piano very well but I have only touched it once in the last year.

9. I use GIMP a lot

10. I love pizza... and can eat a lot of it :D Omnomnom


No tag backs or I keel u

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Taken on January 21, 2011