traffic cone

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    1. *Firefox 67 months ago | reply

      Excellent idea Dru!

      Fiona Sami We need a few of these to reserve our spaces on the drive!

    2. Philip Watson 67 months ago | reply

      Ray In the late 1970s, I used to take turns with our next-door neighbour in Clifton, late on a Saturday afternoon to drive up to the Downs and collect a few NO PARKING cones left over from the football, which we could strategically place outside our flats if the road was filling up too much. Our system didn't always work. One morning, I ran up the steps from our front door, unlocked my Morris 1000, got in and started her, put her in gear; and only then realised that it was the wrong Morris 1000. Mine was parked on the other side of the road, because there had been no spaces when I got home the night before. (Brilliant security on those cars, which is why I often took the starting handle with me when I left her parked.)

    3. Dru Marland 67 months ago | reply

      I have sometimes chosen a key at random from my big tin of keys, when I have mislaid the proper one... which is why I have an immobiliser, of course....

    4. Philip Watson 67 months ago | reply

      For a year or so, I ran a Morris 1100, a model which was, I was told, a favourite with the car thieves, being easy both to open and start with a ha'penny. So I set about making it as recognisable as possible, with the name (The Bloodbath - I'd been reading Ngaio Marsh again) painted across the bootlid in black Humbrol, with the left-overs of a tin of red running down. Also odd-coloured doors, when one of the originals collapsed. The only disadvantage was that, for the first three months or so, I was stopped roughly once every ten days (I kept a diary and worked it out) by the police. Once they got used to it, they just slowed down, peered to see if it was me driving, and waved, which really worried my girlfriend at the time.

    5. Dru Marland 67 months ago | reply

      only once every ten days? -my brother in his Herald with flames painted down the sides got stopped whenever he went out in it.... Ha! I arrived in Bristol in a Morris 1100. On one expedition, with a full load of friends, I had to reverse up Jacob's Well Road cos it wouldn't get up going forward. (I think it was a fuel delivery prob, looking back...)

    6. *Firefox 67 months ago | reply

      When it came to security my old BSA B33 was bereft of any anti-theft devices at all, just retard the timing, tickle the carb, give it a prod and off you go. Not very convenient when I was a stupent in Newcastle in the early eighties. My solution when leaving it unattended for any period of time was to remove its spark plug. Seemed to do the trick.

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