Eastgate/I-90 Land Use & Transportation Project Open Houses
More than 100 people attended the first public open house meetings of the Eastgate/I-90 Land Use Transportation Project, held on March 31, 2010 at both the Robinswood House and Eastgate Elementary. Members of the public and stakeholders from organizations interested in development trends in the area interacted with Bellevue staff on a number of issues, including: What would make the area a more desirable place to live and work? Is something missing? Are there improvements to be made?

Open house participants expressed a desire for an approach to land use and transportation planning that retains and enhances neighborhood-oriented services, preserves the environment, and improves travel conditions for all road users. The project will include a number of upcoming opportunities for the public to provide meaningful input into the vision for this corridor.

The project webpage www.bellevuewa.gov/eastgate-corridor.htm is a great way to stay informed.
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