tornado watch

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    the sky behind my house this morning. we're under watches today, and had tornado warnings yesterday. typical spring weather in Cincy.

    1. smooth wilderness [deleted] ages ago | reply

      girl, you go hide right now!

    2. Joy bellz ages ago | reply

      GO hide is right that is a scarey lookin' sky!!!
      Be careful!

    3. BellaLago ages ago | reply

      thanks for the concern ladies! just a t-watch right now. i'll head for the basement if the sirens go off!

    4. Pete's Pics. ages ago | reply

      looks nasty nasty!
      Hold on to your hat, and bring vino with you for your basement stay.

    5. BellaLago ages ago | reply

      Pete, I like your style! The house is blowing away, let's toast! ; )

    6. BellaLago ages ago | reply

      Good morning to you Lampy ~ it's wicked looking here today.. I think you'd enjoy it!

    7. tootdood ages ago | reply

      I hope your safe but those clouds are something else : ))

      Seen on your photo stream. (?)

    8. squatchman ages ago | reply

      WOW!!! You take care, girl! I hope it's all just for show! Just the kind of stuff that sends me running outside, while everyone else is running in.

    9. bethechange21 ages ago | reply

      wow, those are awesome clouds. I think the reason no one was hurt was because it was so early; I think that damage occurred around 7:40 am.

    10. Slimeface ages ago | reply

      That is a wicked looking sky! Beautiful but very ominous power in those low clouds!

    11. jeanneg. ages ago | reply

      Those warnings always freak me out....looks like the sky is prime for it here; hope the storm passes you by...although that electric box sure looks like a big target in this one!

    12. Yankees Man ages ago | reply

      Incredible clouds and scary storm brewing.....

    13. df369 ages ago | reply

      Wow!!! Some fierce looking clouds sister!!! Great capture!!

    14. '56 Mojo ages ago | reply

      Somehow, I don't think those power lines mix too well with the heavy winds of the coming storm, which makes them all the more appropriate in this picture

    15. fumbling order [deleted] ages ago | reply

      I think I see a cow in those clouds!!! LOL
      Very dramatic sky, that would scare the heck out of me..I lived through an F5 tornado when I was 10, went right over our house and my mom shoved me and my sister and our dog in the closet...very, very scary!
      We had broken windows, busted trees and the foundation of the house was shifted...some parts of the county were totally wiped out.

      Anyway, GREAT shot!!

    16. nelsonmallory ages ago | reply

      This is a really great shot. Wow.

    17. bill barber ages ago | reply

      We don't usually see clouds like that, but there was some pretty heavy action on Monday. We get about one tornado a year, but it's generally north or west of here. My mother's home town was pretty much flattened in 1985

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