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I'll follow you into the dark..

Love of mine some day you will die

But I'll be close behind

I'll follow you into the dark




Last weekend Sev, Niz, Sarah and Gina came to visit me in Oxford for our monthly meetup sessions. I absolutely LOVE these meetups. I realised that even though some of us have only met about 4 times in real life somehow it feels like we've all known each other for ages!


The girls and I are holding an informal meetup in London in April, please feel free to join us. The more the merrier :) Details can be found here.


This was taken in Blenheim Palace.. we were a little naughty and managed to slightly cheat our way in without paying! Blog post with behind the scenes photos and video coming soon!


Have a good weekend all.


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Taken on February 11, 2012