• love this blur here <3 - tiffany .
  • the focus to bokeh to focus is so interesting. - Meg Hartley
  • Haha thanks, even if that was a mistake! :D
  • a mistake ?! but that's my favorite part ! you have to do this mistake all the time :) - Siréliss {2010}
  • I took the main photo then took the expansion photos but I forgot to switch to manual focus, and so I had to guess where I'd been stood and they were a little odd. I must admit, I like it! :) x

Huntress of the Forest.

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As she falls to the forest floor, Red becomes a sacrifice to mortality; scarlet syrup pouring from the lashings on her ivory cheeks which she gained as she stumbled towards the heart of the forest. She grasps forward at the nothingness ahead, her hands dragging over stumps and littered leaves; the remains of the woodland's decay. Her ruined hands caress across an unearthly and missplaced softness and she reaches towards the fallen wolf. His watery eyes search for hers, pleading, and she sighs as she curls up beside him; huntress and hunted fall into peace together - man and nature as one.

This is the self portrait I'm most proud of, I think. :)
I have my art exam on friday, aargh, joy. So many photos to take this weekend, out of sheer fear.
I also had to walk around the woods barefoot for this. My soles will never be the same colour again.

also, this is the cape I made for myself :D

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  1. Laura Casellas 35 months ago | reply

    this is so magical! I really love the red contrast with green!

  2. Tom.Coleman 35 months ago | reply

    The colours are beautiful!
    Great shot :)

  3. my lovely life through a lens 35 months ago | reply

    beautiful beautiful colour contrast! :)

  4. lydiargh 35 months ago | reply

    This is amazing, your description is absolutely beautiful too!
    I love the motion and the gorgeous contrast in the reds and greens.

  5. PeterChinnock 35 months ago | reply

    Frickin awesome! Love the DoF and blur on the trees! So cool! Well done!

  6. Molleigh Ann 35 months ago | reply

    this is incredible! i adore the red against the green , its so striking.and oh my, this, together with those beautiful words, they go so perfectly together. wow.

  7. i'm a witch 35 months ago | reply

    i have absolutely no words

    truly magical

  8. celline1130 35 months ago | reply

    Purple one, eeeeek! XD Can you make one for me, a yellow one, perhaps? :p
    This is definitely the best I've ever seen from you yet. Simply stunning. Wow. Favorite!

  9. Meg Hartley 35 months ago | reply

    just love the colours here, so wonderful!

  10. Mary Jo. 35 months ago | reply

    dang louise! that pop of red is just stunning! love the motion as well

  11. eric.MCiNTYRE. 35 months ago | reply

    this focus . . . :)

  12. Marie Dücker 35 months ago | reply

    OOH, excited to see your take on little red riding hood! I love them both, Louise! as always, what you wrote gave me a whole new look on it and I'm absolutely amazed by everytihing about this!! :) <3

  13. emsbems94 35 months ago | reply

    You're amazing. Can I just be you, please? Thanks. <3

  14. mbeh! 35 months ago | reply

    love this so much, lovely contrast between greens and reds :)

    check out my print giveaway, last couple of days left before draw

  15. ~gciolini 35 months ago | reply

    great expression!

  16. katherine keir photography [deleted] 35 months ago | reply

    I love your work!

  17. isisonne 35 months ago | reply

    wonderful capture! love the contrasting colours and the movement!

  18. Vulturefields 22 months ago | reply

    Me e enamorado de esta foto :)

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