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"We're only human", but, we're human. You say it like a limit; like it's a rooftop you can reach and never go any further, but look at what we've done

we've found impossible and we've pushed it further. we've created, and when we were content with our planet we pushed the boundaries and visited another. we are only human, but look at the scope we have to create. to make, to become. look at what we were, and what we still can be. we control, we affect, we ruin, but we build.

our touch is midas's touch; where our fingertips meet, it turns to gold. and this may be a curse, but it's so beautiful. we are only human - we are all we'll ever need to be.

run, jump, yell, sing, dance

it's your body, use it. Let life shock through your veins and just move

get a one way ticket and just keep going on forever

find somewhere new, and just sit and appreciate its newness. breathe, and recognise that your lungs are filling with air. Air. let the vitality surge through you. this is life.

You are only human. Make the most of it.


listen, let it haunt you.


listen, let it make you smile


I'm not sure if it's suddenly cold in here, but I've started shivering; jumper time methinks. I adore this sunshine and having time off school :) but, I should be revising. Ah, well.

Have a lovely day x


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Taken on April 29, 2011