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51.365 | by Louise Spence
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Do I remember this from a dream or my history? The perspective is different; I was smaller then. Removed from childhood but the remnants remain; one smile, a scar, and the childish urge to draw stripes across my cheeks at any given opportunity, and pretend I'm someone else.



A 365 I don't hate.

About an hour's worth of free time (in which I should be doing a history essay)

Been walking the dog.

Supposedly chinese food tonight.

Seeing friends tomorrow.

Things are looking up :)

Guess what?

I figured out gradients on gimp! Yaaaaaaaaaay! *victory dance*

Okaaaay, okay. Go do work. I'm on it. Weeeelll. No I'm not. Bite me.


I also forgot I still had the stripes on while I was out, and I ran into my uncle:

"What's that?"

"A scarf."

"No, that.."

"..a camera?"

"No!" *motions face* "this!"

"Ooooh the stripes! Yeah, that's just me."

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Taken on February 20, 2012