• Says "Sports Illustrated"
  • it also says it on his hat in much bigger letters. lol - Nas Karas
  • The hat says 3d-Illustrated Stereography

3D Camera

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I think this is David Klutho uberphotog from Sports Illustrated. He has what appears to be two Nikon D700 cameras "glued" together with a 24-70mm f/2.8G attached. I am guessing there is some custom eletronics to synchronize the exposure and focus between the two. The little black box on the camera on the right has a cable running in one side and out the other. It has a simple toggle switch and what appears to be a indicator light. He was taking shots into the crowd.

Looks like he has done this before. Check out this book.

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  1. Matthew J Shaw 50 months ago | reply

    Look closely. The focus seems to be mechanically linked between the two lenses. Each lens has a gear attached to it in the same way a cine lens would have for follow focus. The lenses are then linked via a chain. both lenses can then be racked at the same time. Have a look at the original sized image for more detail.

  2. Matthew J Shaw 50 months ago | reply

    @Twisted Melon, Oh it definitely is the Zoom ring in this instance that is being racked. Nikon lenses have the zoom ring at the rear and the focus at the front. I was saying it was similar to a cine Follow focus style of set up so I was a bit ambiguous there. Yup totally agree with you here on both points.

  3. _sarchi 50 months ago | reply

    there was a guy in london in the eighties who
    assembled two slr's together for pin registration
    at a sum..

  4. Dale Simonson 50 months ago | reply

    16,578 views, Russ! (10 pm Mar 1) Woohooo!

  5. Russ Beinder 50 months ago | reply

    Thanks for the woot Dale. I had a photo a week ago that shot up over 5000 views in a week when I appeared in the flickr blog. This one hit 5000 in hours. My last photo to get this high took years. It is fun to watch the hits.

  6. R11S 50 months ago | reply

    The hits on this are insane Russ!!! Interestingness is an understatement!

    So cool. Congrats!!

  7. ignomini 50 months ago | reply

    This camera is set up for stereo photography. He's using electronics to sync focus, exposure and shutter. The belt is used to sync zoom. RBT film cameras use linked lens pairs with aperture, focus and zoom linked by either belts or rods. The critical issue with a digital stereo camera is getting the two cameras to use the exact same exposure and focus settings, or as close to that as can be achieved. Also, the shutters have to fire together. To see RBT stereo cameras go to Jon Golden's site www.make3dimages.com

  8. LOlandeseVolante 50 months ago | reply

    Nice shot! Nice choice of focus.

  9. 'Deborah Chen 50 months ago | reply

    well I've forwarded this to about a dozen people :)))

  10. jomak14 50 months ago | reply

    22,112 + 1 views!

  11. sohiroshi 50 months ago | reply

    Wow, that's cool.

  12. fotoamater.com 50 months ago | reply

    Well, his hat clearly says "3D Illustrated-stereophotography", wink wink...

    Good catch Russ...

  13. eglinskibernd [deleted] 50 months ago | reply

    nice shot

  14. artland 50 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called artland, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  15. Studio Nouvelle Photography 50 months ago | reply

    This just proves that Nikon users ROCK!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Love2Cycle 50 months ago | reply

    When I was at NASA Ames in Mt. View, CA in 1973 we sync'd multiple Hasselblad 500's. Stereo photos need two lenses not two cameras and the lenses need to be offset inward about 7 degrees to copy the perspective of human vision.

  17. 3dphoto.net 32 months ago | reply

    That is definitely him- I'm looking at his picture in the Sports Illustrated book.

    Found in a search. (?)

  18. alpenhause 11 months ago | reply

    For 3D Stereo, two Hassleblad 500EL/M cameras on a bar 24" apart, electrically syncronised shutter release button fires both simultaneously.

    This is what "World Class Best 3D" is all about, Hasselblad is the Best! "F" The Rest!

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