2011 DesignHop Activities:Smart Cities, Healthy Cities @751D·PARK

“智能城市,宜居城市”着重探讨设计是如何持续性地改善着人们在城市中的生活。此次活动将包括多个大型展览、设计师的个人作品展示、主题多样的论坛、书廊、迷你电影院以及屋顶露台活动等。“智能城市、宜居城市”主题展在751 D ·PARK时尚设计广场的荷兰设计馆把精彩呈现给观众,参观者从中领略到了荷兰建筑、时装与设计的独特魅力。

Smart Cities, Healthy Cities

‘Smart Cities, Healthy Cities’ focuses on how design can sustainably improve the quality of daily life in our cities. With multiple exhibitions, individual presentations by designers, a varied conference programme, a book lounge, mini cinema and roof terrace, ‘Smart Cities, Healthy Cities’ showcases clever, cool and constructive Dutch architecture, fashion and design at the Dutch Design Generator in 751 D·Park.
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