Who’s to blame?

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    We are many guilty in the big picture!

    Roney is one among 15.000 lost children still roaming the streets of São Paulo.

    It is in deepest regret and sadness that I inform you of Roney's cold-blooded murder on the early morning hours of January 15th. May he find peace wherever his journey has taken him.......

    On June 27th. we also lost our beloved Claudiney.

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    1. Jennifer Esperanza ages ago | reply

      We are all conected...he is me & we...
      Prayers for Peace
      Prayers for the Children of this Earth.

    2. [luh] [deleted] ages ago | reply

      o pequeno da máfia
      tem dor e medo nos olhos dele
      mas também tem coragem ... muita coragem

    3. Christina Matheson ages ago | reply

      A poignant photo. Especially the necklace.

    4. babasteve ages ago | reply

      i like this...

    5. simplprs ages ago | reply

      blame is tough greg...

      Im surprised that you bring it up. Maybe its the system that says that a group of children are not a priority. Maybe its those that are in a position to help and do nothing.

      Just my ponderings,

    6. carf ages ago | reply

      Aaron, Certainly a combination of both and much more! People and systems need to recognise their wrongdoings to empower change. The trouble is that the human race is already failing itself in many other areas too - Greg

    7. │:│chelle's view│:│ ages ago | reply

      I agree with simplprs that blame is tough...it's tough because it has so many different avenues. I work with kids here in the US, our system refers to them as at-risk kids, but they aren't nearly as AT-RISK as those you serve. The entertainment industry is one system that I blame and parents who have made poor life choices. Here it's about materialism and self gratification. Children here are fed images that glorify criminal activity, sexually explicit behavior, materialism and rarely if ever are shown the consequences associated with those behaviors. So we have a whole culture, esp in the African American community, with artists singing about being drug dealers and gang members and then kids with very little protective factors thinking that that's the life they too must live to succeed. Our plight pales in comparision to yours though. What to do? What to do?

    8. carf ages ago | reply

      "Children at risk" across the globe have many different profiles and levels of risk, but no matter the causes leading up to their at-risk situation, it is we, the more privileged human beings who are responsible for implementing some necessary changes so that these kids can grow up in safer environments.

      I suppose as long as the human race has existed there has been children at risk. Unhappily, human egoism is a strong factor that leads many different societies to neglect their future generations. These societies need to learn from those who preserve the rights of children and understand that a society can never develop positively if it neglects its children.

    9. Łachrymose [deleted] ages ago | reply

      Thank you for this incredible image. Stunning. 123k

    10. inklake ages ago | reply

      Powerful shot on so many levels. Beautiful, disturbing, poetic, wonderful composition ... thanks. 123 kids.

    11. Durga22 ages ago | reply

      makes me cry...

    12. leschick [deleted] 119 months ago | reply

      love this!

    13. Glikò 118 months ago | reply


    14. b free [deleted] 117 months ago | reply

      i like it very much.-

    15. JucaFii 108 months ago | reply

      Rest in peace, lil soul
      in some place more just
      than this...


    16. robinbenito 103 months ago | reply

      set this as my desktop wallpaper... amazing portrait, rly amazing =)

    17. Muiz_ 102 months ago | reply

      love the colours here, the background wall is really complimentary to the skin tones and the jacket colour. All works together so well.

      Beautiful photo, beautiful work, I really do wish you all and every success my friend for the amazing work you are doing, and the priceless difference you and the team have made to all these amazing kids.


    18. carf 85 months ago | reply

      This print series is a tribute to Roney by the French Stencil Artist c215.
      10% of the proceeds will be given to our Children At Risk Foundation.
      The print is available in a limited edition of 35, which have been reworked by the artist, making them one of a kind.

      Available on Pigments Editions

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