For the sake of love…?

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    Almost one third of pregnant women in Brazil are pre-adolescent or adolescent (10-19 years old); more than 54% of Brazilian girls who had left school became pregnant at least once.

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    1. Haroldo Kennedy ages ago | reply

      Os problemas do Brasil numa reportagem só:

      Gravidez na adolescência;
      Tráfico de Drogas;
      Poder Paralelo do Tráfico de Drogas;
      Ausência do Estado;

      Grávida fala sobre perda do namorado em ataque de bandidos em frente à escola

      Publicada em 15/03/2007 às 09h16m
      Luciana Ackermann - O Globo e O Globo Online
      RIO - Sem dormir há três dias por causa do assassinato de seu namorado, Camila Cristina Nascimento Araújo, de 15 anos, grávida de oito meses, tenta controlar o nervosismo para proteger o filho. Thiago de Oliveira Paulino, de 18 anos, que pretendia se casar com ela , morreu durante o ataque de segunda-feira ao Colégio Estadual Abraão Jabour , em Senador Camará, na Zona Oeste. Quatro traficantes abriram fogo contra alunos numa suposta retaliação a uma expulsão da Favela do Sapo. Pelo menos cinco ficaram feridos.
      Camila não esconde o receio de não contar mais com Thiago para cuidar do filho, que deverá nascer no dia 2 de abril no Hospital Geral de Bonsucesso. O bebê se chamaria Gabriel, mas Camila decidiu batizá-lo com o nome do pai. Na quarta-feira, Camila passou por mais uma consulta médica de rotina do pré-natal. Ela e o bebê estão bem. No lugar do namorado, foi o pai dele, Fernando Paulino, o último a falar com Thiago , de 42 anos, quem a acompanhou.
      Medo no colégio
      Um clima de medo ainda domina o Colégio Estadual Abraão Jabour. As aulas do período da noite foram suspensas. Os alunos que estiveram na escola foram recebidos pela diretora em um auditório, onde houve uma conversa sobre o ataque e a violência da região. Já as aulas dos períodos da manhã e da tarde transcorreram normalmente. Policiais militares estiveram na unidade. Os professores pediam, insistentemente, para que os alunos não ficassem do lado de fora.


    2. Yousaf FAYYAZ ages ago | reply

      thanks for answering .. I always felt sorry for such women/girls those are given no status in society. The organisation are there to help but without GOV support it is really hard for them to over come the situation 100%.

      I am happy that you are working hard to bring those issue and educating people. I wish every man think like this.

      Thanks for sharing the pic and thanks for answering.

    3. Simone Capretti [deleted] ages ago | reply

      This image and the words that follow are touching.
      A fave for my heart and mind.

    4. DeLima ages ago | reply

      realmenbte triste
      mas a fotografia estÁ IrretocÁVel!
      Meus mais sinceros parabÉNs!

    5. Hel Des ages ago | reply

      This is just so could it be so hard for this kids, here she would be a little princess.
      Amazing picture again Carf. Her gaze is worth a million words.

    6. Mrs. Penrod ages ago | reply

      what lens do you use?

    7. carf ages ago | reply

      Thanks everyone, for such reflective comments!

      @Miss Harvey, I am using my favourite lens for close-up, low light portaiture, a Canon EF 50mm f1.4 USM.
      Simply the best!

    8. Tman2396 ages ago | reply

      Amazing images!

    9. petite lueur ages ago | reply

      she is beautiful !
      is she a pregnant young girl?

    10. carf ages ago | reply

      The photos in this series are merely illustrative for some of of the problems we face with our young people and are not specific for the specific children in portrait, thus Sabrina is gladly not one of those victims and hopefully our work will prevent her from becoming one.

      But there are many like her who have to face this reality at such an early stage in life; 32.000 girls under the age of 14 with unwanted pregnancies in Brazil each year.........

    11. GemShots ages ago | reply

      You are an amazing photographer, and your storys are fantastic too. Thank you for teaching!

    12. Lynn (Gracie's mom) ages ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called My Stars!, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

    13. atcbugman 120 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Portrait corner (POSTING NOW!), and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

    14. matthaeus_felder [deleted] 120 months ago | reply

      Surprisingly congenial portrait! Her eyes are fantastic.

    15. matkaantytto [deleted] 118 months ago | reply

      Young mothers
      That's right
      I feel ya (hey)
      I know how it is
      Don't nobody understand
      I feel ya

      [Verse 1: Tupac]

      She was ..
      Born A heavy set girl with pig tails and curls
      A heart full of gold
      Still it won't change the world
      Though she could never understand why
      Some underhanded plans, witnessed a man die
      Was only 15
      Should have been a beauty queen
      Still see here crying by the caskets when here parents got killed
      Little girl don't cry
      'Coz even though they died
      You can best believe they watching over thee from the sky
      Never asked for this misery
      But look at what you gettin'
      It's a blessing in disguise
      When you find out your pregnant
      No money, no home
      And even though you all alone
      You'se got to do this on your own
      So baby go on
      I wish you luck
      And if you need me, call
      Just come to me and let me feed you all
      I can understand
      The way it feels when you fighting the world
      Facing all this drama
      When mama's just A little girl


      Don't know why
      Mama's just a little girl
      Given that she's a ???
      Time ain't on her side
      Mama's just a little girl
      (Mama's just a little girl)
      She gotta hold her head up high

      [Verse 2: Tupac]

      At 16 what a beautiful thing
      The very essence of a jet black ebony queen
      And who could tell she would get pregnant at an early age
      She didn't listen, had sex
      Watch her belly raise (hey)
      Got violated by someone she dated
      If this is fate I hate to see the seed she created
      So we wait, though it takes time to build the body and the mind
      She reclines 9 months
      Then finally its time
      What do we find?
      A little grown boy a mind with a tortured soul
      Addicted to a life of crime at no time of the growing stage
      He learned his values on the streets at an early age
      Watch for police
      Don't come home (why)
      'Coz mammas acting crazy
      At the hospital
      'Bout to have another baby
      Like the rose from concrete
      Grown within
      Blessed with twins
      How the hell can mamma raise 3 men
      So we began a closest family
      Such insanity
      A happy home
      For one act inhumanity
      Plus mammas said the seed was corrupted
      Used the rubber belly
      Begging us to breathe if she love us
      Now mamma sits quiet
      Sipping peppermint schnapps
      Turned the house into a spot and made her watch for cops (hey)
      How could mamma bring a thug like me into this world?
      She ain't the cause of all the drama
      Cause mommas just a little girl


      Don't know why
      Mama's just a little girl
      Liven if she is or not
      Time ain't on her side
      Cause ama's just a little girl
      (Mama's just a little girl)
      She gotta hold her head up high
      (How could she raise us)

      [Verse 3: Tupac]

      Would she remain in the same spot?
      The gunshots rang, they came from the cane spot
      Now look here
      I see her clutching her son
      In her arms she hurt
      Her heart bleeding as she watched her seed die in the dirt
      Fulfill prophecy
      But who could stop the grief?
      I walk around trying to hold the world up on top me
      Probably be an innocent man
      But still I'm the victim of a curse
      What could be worse?
      Nothing but pain
      Since my birth, taught me functions at the pen
      Cause everybody's in paying back society
      I'm guilty of a life of sin
      I watched the drama occur
      My eyes blurred 'fore I jet it
      I wonder why we all have to die for we get it
      Though we shed tears
      So many peers I done buried
      Worried and scared
      Knowing I'ma see the cemetery
      Must be prepared in this cold world
      No-one cares
      No it ain't fair
      But we all there
      And do our share
      In this land of underhanded schemes and plans
      Vivid dreams of a nigga having g's in hand
      Mamma told me not to be a punk
      Fuck what you talking about coward
      What you niggas want?

      They ain't a thing I wouldn't do for my mamma in this world
      Cause you know I ain't mad at cha
      You' just a little girl
      See mammas just a little girl
      (hey hey)


      *Repeat until fade*

      don't know why
      Mama's just a little girl
      Given that she is or not
      time ain't on here side
      mama's just a little girl
      (mama's just a little girl)
      she gotta hold her head up high

      [Tupac Talking]

      They ask us why we mutilate each other like we do
      And wonder why we hold such little worth for human life
      Facing all this drama
      But to ask us why we to turn from bad to worse
      Is to ignore from which we came
      You see you wouldn't ask why the rose that grew from the concrete had damaged petals
      On the contrary
      We would all celebrate its tenacity
      We would all love its will to reach the sun
      We are the roses (echo)
      This is the concrete (echo)
      And these are my damaged petals (echo)
      Don't ask me why (echo)
      Thank god nigga (echo)
      Ask me how (echo)

      You see, mama's just a little girl

      Tupac Shakur

    16. matkaantytto [deleted] 118 months ago | reply

      *I did not edit out any bad words from the Tupac raps.

    17. rxbla 114 months ago | reply

      That, that, I have no words for that. My heart goes out like that girl, like it has never gone out before.

    18. quintessajazz 111 months ago | reply

      that's very beautiful!

    19. mvanrenselaar [deleted] 108 months ago | reply

      amazing capture.

    20. CarolineH1975 81 months ago | reply

      We need to just start sterilizing these kids when they are born. Not just in Brazil.

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