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Displaced Family - VI

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Yet we have sufficient land in Brazil to allow us to easily postpone "developing" the Amazon until we know enough about the marvelous patterns of life there to do so intelligently and sustainably. Our government must find ways to restrain both its own greed and that of foreign companies. We have much to learn from the remaining Indian tribes.”


NB! - Indian Tribes of Brazil

Before the arrival of Europeans in 1500, Brazil was home to an estimated population of anything between 5 and 13 million people in at least 1,000 tribes. Five hundred years of exposure to disease, violence and dispossession wiped out the vast majority of this indigenous population. Today, there are around 350,000 Indians in Brazil in over 200 tribes, who live scattered all across the country. Between them they speak a huge number of languages, from a variety of language families; 110 of the tribal languages of Brazil have less than 400 speakers. Brazil's tribes range in size from the Guarani and Yanomami, who number tens of thousands, to tribes such as the Akuntsu and Kanoê, who number only a few dozen... continued here:::


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