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...and yet very few of those eyes were directed at the real live children still struggling to survive alone on the streets of the big cities all over the world.

How many more generations of street children are to tolerate our indifference...?

In Brazil, there are still very few people who believe in the recuperation of street children. If they did, they would be doing everything in their power to change all this and would simply not accept the fact that their wealthy country still allows more than half a million of its children to sleep out on the streets alone and abandoned, open to all kinds of violence, drugs and abuse -- not forgetting the millions more, who spend most of their time on the streets or as child labourers and drug traffickers, fighting for the survival of their poverty stricken families, whilst corrupt politicians continue to help themselves from the funds designated to public services.

Street children in a country like Brazil are a clear reflection of the people’s ignorance of their own future as a responsible nation.

While governments steal and squander untold millions on failing political projects, NGO’s struggle to keep their successful and ethical programmes alive. Where are the priorities...? Where are the people...? For how much longer...?

At CARF, we believe in the impossible. We believe that there are future productive citizens in every street child and lucky for us, our many existing supporters also believe in our capability to implement positive social change. Hopefully some of those 500.000 views will bring new supporters of our actions.

2007 will be an important year for our organization, where youth who have grown up in the programme will take on more responsibilities. If our plans succeed and thanks to a significant Norwegian funder, the birth of our first independent, youth-run community nucleus will become a reality. Our needs will be many......

This video presentation from our kid’s Norway Tour in 2006 and made by them, serves as a reflection of just how far some of our former street kids have reached during our 14 years of hard labour for positive social change.

The World is full of Changemakers and we would like you to become one of them.
If they can do it, then everyone can!

Please make Everyone a Changemaker your New Year’s resolution!

NB! Thanks to Parc Cruz for this post-processing.

It is in deepest regret and sadness that I inform you of Roney's cold-blooded murder on the early morning hours of January 15th. May he find peace wherever his journey has taken him.......

On June 27th. we also lost our beloved Claudiney.

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  4. Alcosinus ©  ON-OFF  30 months ago | reply

    Fabulous capture and marvelous composition my friend !!!



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  7. perfectdayjosep 8 months ago | reply

    Wonderful portrait and superb document! Good work!

  8. ichauvel 8 months ago | reply

    La tua foto è dedicata all’uomo e al suo mondo
    Your photo is a tribute to man and his world

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    Fotografi senza frontiere

  9. bardaxi 8 months ago | reply

    Wonderful and stunning photo !!!
    Congrats and many thanks for your sharing !!!
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  10. losy 3 months ago | reply

    jump floor secundos :-)

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