Unbreakable bonds...

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    After working for more than 15 years in Brazil with at-risk kids I never cease to ponder why death comes knocking on certain doors, and there was one particular comment posted on my last image of Claudiney that caused me to reflect even deeper over his sudden death so soon after his brother's:

    “Roney had but one request to ask in the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ:
    To be with his brother Claudiney.”
    - TCurtisphotos

    This comment reflects the very nature of Roney’s power over Claudiney in real life, as a strong, but negative leader. Roney could not exist without the companionship of his older brother on the streets and would always demand his loyalty when hitting the streets. Maybe in death he retained that power............

     CLICK HERE! for their story.


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    1. carf 66 months ago | reply

       Bob Dylan - Knock Knock Knocking On Heavens Door

      They always had and probably always will have each other......
      Hope - XIV

      Smiles - 32


      Claudiney & Roney - Will They Survive?

      Street Survival

      Take care of me brother!

    2. centro de encontro 66 months ago | reply

      Que tristeza. O que aconteceu ?

    3. Tway76 66 months ago | reply

      Very strong, beautiful. you've been doing this for 15 yeqars already... you must've seen your share of miracles and dramas.

    4. Tova_ 66 months ago | reply

      i love your pic

    5. soymamen 66 months ago | reply

      Gracias por estos regalos,por tu trabajo,por ser contacto y por existir!
      Un enorme abrazo a tí y a "TUS NIÑOS".Desde el corazón y la gratitud!

      Por favor,añade tu foto al grupo!

      un instante,una historia
      un instante,una historia

    6. paulopaiva 66 months ago | reply

      o coração aperta

    7. TCurtisphotos [deleted] 66 months ago | reply

      Unbreakable bonds indeed. Thanks

    8. arealgem 66 months ago | reply

      THANKS for sharing god bless rest in peace

    9. casa vuota 66 months ago | reply

      they were such beautiful babies. I just wanna put them on my lap and hold them everytime I see their beautiful pictures. It is so obvious in those pictures, just how much Roney loved his brother.

    10. simplprs 66 months ago | reply

      echoing above statements about the beauty of the snapshots of two precious lives... and praying that you take heart in that it is not your responsibility to save them all but to love as many as much as you can. Be at Peace, you can tell they were loved very much.

    11. waterboy_of_the_lord [deleted] 66 months ago | reply

      I don't know what to say. I feel you must be very sad.

      But I know they had at least one photographer who truly cared for them. It's a pity; the end of this story could have been different;

    12. carf 66 months ago | reply

      For sure waterboy_of_the_lord!
      I am both deeply saddened and indignant by their deaths.
      Not only was I the caring photographer, but also the father, the mother, the uncle, the friend, the doctor, the teacher, the psychologist, .............in short, I was an important reference for these kids and the end of this story should have been quite different. But I'm afraid we live in a country called Brazil; a country that still neglects its children, especially the street children.

    13. waterboy_of_the_lord [deleted] 66 months ago | reply

      Hi Carf,

      Just keep the faith. We humans have a horrid tendency; when we think something is "normal" in the sense of "usual", then we tend to think it is not so serious.

      I volunteered for street children in Eastern Europe, and even in my short time I could noticed that.

    14. Meg-Ryan 63 months ago | reply

      My heart is breaking. Calf, God bless you kind people

    15. Blue Nervana 38 months ago | reply

      Beautiful boys. Their story has inspired me to peruse documentary film making and your efforts in Brazil inspire me to finish my degree so that when I pitch the idea of making a documentary about CARF, people will take me seriously.

      Thank you so much for sharing their story with us.

      Rest In Paradise Young Hummingbirds.

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