Richard & Ryan - III

These two little rascals are just two of my grandchildren.

3-year old Richard is former street kid Jefferson's son and 2-year old Ryan, his cousin, is the son of Jefferson's younger sister Eliana, also a former street girl. Both parents have been under my care since they were rescued from the streets as kids and are now independent young adults living their own lives.


It's good to know that these two youngsters will not be following their parent's footsteps during the most important years of their childhood development, having the safety network around them that Hummingbird offers, together with the knowledge gained by their parents during many years of recuperation from their own lost childhood on the streets.


Taken with Canon Powershot S300

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    They are precious! You are luck to have such grandkids :)
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  • Muiz_ 7y

    gorgeous photo - you can just hear them laughing!

    Beautiful photo, beautiful work, I really do wish you all and every success my friend for the amazing work you are doing, and the priceless difference you and the team have made to all these amazing kids.

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