LEGO CD Cover Photo

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This is a photo i shot for a cd cover for a ska band.

first i thought the whole lego idea would come out really nice, then it got to a point it sucked so bad, but just in time i tried someting with the grid in the background and it all seemed to go right from that moment on. I made this in 1 day. Including the concept and the search for the right bricks and stuff. Now I have to make a 4 page cd book (this is the first page, the cover)


bandname: life against us


strobist info:

canon 430x pointed at a white paper behind the background grid. 1/1 power, 24mm, ebay trigger.

sunpak pz4000af slightely behind and left of the camera. 1/16 power, 28mm, ebay trigger, homemade minisoftbox.

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Taken on July 25, 2007