Cianciulli went away, Vernizzi lost his job, Melrose had kittens

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    From the high up apartment Bossi and Mazziero can see over all the historical centre of Florence, which is something wonderful, especially with some red wine to share together. Since Melrose the cat had kittens they feel like a modern-day-gay-family, happily in love with each other.
    Others were lesser fortunate: Cianciulli left her boyfriend Mancini. The stairs echoed with their fights and raised voices. Seems as if he “wanted to try something different” meanwhile she was already organizing the wedding. But – to say the truth – since their business broke he was not the same anymore. Signora Batisti knows it all and if you meet her cleaning her part of the stairs she will tell you everything about it, in total discretion. It is a hard time for Italian business, even Latini Renana closed and moved away. The office opened in the suburbs, there they can offer parking places to their clients and receive them in a modern office. “It is nice to have great historical place, but since the center is blocked for traffic we started loosing clients!”
    Vernizzi lost his partnership in the law firm. What happened? There is the rumor that he “had something” with this partner’s wife, as Signora Batisti says (pulling together both her index fingers and raising an eyebrow). All we know is that he has flat mates again (and he hates it).

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    1. twintam44 98 months ago | reply

      People are just people all over the world. Very nice, Bee.

    2. ≈ Sidi-Giacomo ≈ 98 months ago | reply

      classico panorama murale fiorentino

    3. annjoch 98 months ago | reply

      Wonderful photo and wonderful story! A complete art work!
      p.s.: Especially I love the following parts of your story:

      ..... "she will tell you everything about it, in total discretion." And
      ..... " pulling together both her index fingers and raising an eyebrow."


    4. anneli 4 98 months ago | reply

      Sure it's Florence? Seems to be Brooklyn!

    5. pensive volcano 98 months ago | reply

      So great to have an update in this series!

    6. Gargattina 98 months ago | reply

      Ahahahahah! This story is amazing! :D

    7. Gargattina 98 months ago | reply

      E il citofono è pazzesco! :D

    8. George_Washington 98 months ago | reply

      My life is soooo boring.

    9. j@m 98 months ago | reply

      Busy address

    10. Tiffy-Lou [deleted] 98 months ago | reply

      Beauty is in the *EYE* of the Beholder
      Please add your Beautiful Photo to:
      Beauty is in the *Eye* of the Beholder!

      I saw this in Explore. Congratulations!

    11. Usovo 98 months ago | reply

      The story is as valuable, as the pic. Or more :-)

    12. ashanta 98 months ago | reply

      This is chaos pure... Like it very much. I would like to invite you to my new group Unbenannt-Echtfarben-02 Freiraum - Enter here

    13. ToniVC 98 months ago | reply

      Wonderful capture! Well spotted.

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    14. andrea joseph's illustrations 98 months ago | reply

      I've always loved this one. Can't believe I didn't fave it before.
      How are you?

    15. Silcami 97 months ago | reply

      So funny!! Great idea.

    16. amras_de 97 months ago | reply

      I wish blessed Easter to all my flickr friends and visitors!
      Ich wünsche allen Freunden und Besuchern von ganzem Herzen ein
      gesegnetes Osterfest im Zeichen des auferstandenen Christus!
      Ostern überwindet das Kreuz / Easter conquers the cross
      Jesus lebt, mit ihm auch ich;
      Tod, wo sind nun deine Schrecken?
      Jesus lebt und wird auch mich
      Von den Toten auferwecken.
      Er verklärt mich in sein Licht:
      Dies ist meine Zuversicht.

    17. surfiñg [deleted] 94 months ago | reply

      lovely -- what a story!

    18. valentino * 86 months ago | reply

      bella fotografia

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