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After 6 month of life in Italy Mel felt that she should go home. She wanted to finish her studies and show everybody that having a broken heart doesn’t mean to hide somewhere in an European country. And by the way – her heart didn’t feel so broke anymore. She started writing a romantic novel taking place in Florenze and Sofia (her favorite Flatmate) said that it is great!
The police opened the strange apartment next to them and found an old man dead.. that was so sad! But after 2 months two new guys moved in, very cute and gay. They even brought a cat which is called “Melrose”.
Wehking is a belgian professor and he looks a litte bit like Nietzsche with his huge moustache. He is strange like Nietzsche, too! First he lived with Signora Batisti, but once he wanted fried pasta with sauce she felt so offenend that she told him to leave. Could she imagine he would take a flat in the same house? Never! Wehking enjoys frying his pasta every day, annoying the whole house with the smell.

Lee left,too, moving to Paris saying that Florence wasn’t enough bohemian anymore (the landlord says he left two months of rent still to pay).

The Couple Mancini-Cianciulli closed their firm, because he had absolutely no skills in this adventure. She was so angry that she put her name first when she wrote the new doorbell sticker (Ladies first!).

Vernizzi has become a partner in a prominent law firm, making so much money that he could pay the rent alone. Good-bye flatmates!

I still don’t know what happened to Tedeschi/Reggiani and to the Frati SCAF.. any idea?

  1. Beelama 102 months ago | reply

    Meet Mel here:

    Meet Mel from the last floor

  2. fabbio 102 months ago | reply

    che belli sti tuoi flussi di coscienza...

  3. equusignis [deleted] 102 months ago | reply

    this is great Beelama! you have the makings of a great short story!

  4. annappleaday 101 months ago | reply

    i absolutely love this ...

  5. adals 101 months ago | reply

    This is really interesting - great photo, great story!

    I saw this in Flickr Favorite Photographers

  6. aremac 101 months ago | reply

    Nice picture and story - I saw this in Flickr Favorite Photographers

  7. Spirit of Boz 101 months ago | reply

    I like this picture, so full of souvenirs : some left, others arrived. It's life. The white stickers are like plasters on wounds. Even without the comment, this photo tells a story.

  8. Puur 99 months ago | reply

    Stunning photo.

  9. bilobicles bag 99 months ago | reply

    ---grande !!!!!

  10. Silcami 96 months ago | reply

    What a wonderful way to tell stories about your neighbors. Cool idea, love it.

  11. Taffeta Darling 87 months ago | reply

    i adore this one as well, the commentary is great too.
    thanks for checking out my pictures

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