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So this editing was obviously heavily Brooke and Joel inspired, the tones and props/composition respectively.


I think I'm having this like...leech period or something; I feel like I still don't have my own editing 'style' yet, so I think I'm going to go through the motions (or what I think are the motions) of others' editing and eventually mesh pieces and parts of what I like of all of them into one that's more me, if that's okay...I feel like I'm stealing. But I also feel like I can't grow until I understand everything I don't about others' work yet. If that makes ANY sense. If it doesn't...sorry for my leechery, Flickr community. Although I promise I'm not making any money off of your editing styles so you can't really sue me or anything :p


Growing up sucks sometimes. Or realizing you have to figure it out yourself sucks. Or is at least frustrating in the way that realizing you left the remote across the room before you got all comfy sucks.


Anyways HAPPY LEAP DAY!!! I hope it was at least a teensy less average than most Wednesdays :)





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Taken on February 22, 2012