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Honey for the queen

L'art pour l'art, hahah :)

But really, after doing so many (well, like four) sort of depressing conceptual photos I just really wanted to take something just for fun. So I teased my hair and jumped in the bathtub and poured honey on my face, naturally. (But seriously--don't pour honey on your face. It stings eyes. And it drips a lot. It's just generally a bad idea...although I did have fun, so I guess it was worth it:)


This was actually inspired mostly by a conversation that took place a while ago on the midwest meetup's facebook page...I don't remember exactly what was going on, but David said something about doing a self portrait with bees and someone volunteered Molly as a sacrifice and general hooplah ensued. Everyone else involved please consider yourselves tagged because I love all of you and you're ridiculous and hilarious and appreciated.

Also my nickname is 'Bee' but I realized I've never actually done a bee-themed photo. Mainly because bees are scary little motherfuckers.


(Even though this wasn't inspired by it, Alex just posted a bee photo with real actual bees that blows mine out of the water and you should go look at it forever if you haven't already).

AAAND oh my gosh I was just perusing Sarah's stream for the millionth time and realized this is stupidly similar to hers; like; kind of embarrassingly so. Hers is amazing so go stare at it again after you stare at Alex's.


I hope everyone that celebrates it has an awesome Easter :)



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Taken on April 5, 2012