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I'm still here | by Rachel Baran
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I'm still here

but for how much longer i've yet to know.



LOOK I'M NOT IN MY DORM. it's so weird being home after two months away... oddly enough, the only thing that feels like it's changed at all is my room, although i know it hasn't. I walked into it last week (it's also kind of weird to be home two weekends in a row after so long) and my first thought was, 'this looks like a 12-year-old's room'. it doesn't, for the record, but it feels like it.


growing up is crazy business. just happy to have my car and the roads and my old starbucks :)


ALSO. reading "the night circus" by erin morgenstern, and i think you should be too. it's soul transcribed, like literally it's EVERYTHING i love in a story. jaskfljaklfj;ad;jadlkjfafajfal just read it.

or you don't have to, really, just if you are looking for something to read next, i suggest that.



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Taken on October 19, 2011