Great Western Divide Jul 10
A chance to explore a completely new part of the Sierra Nevada over a 9 day period. Fortuitous timing got me a ride to the Sequoia Giant Grove (Crescent Meadow) and a ride from Horseshoe Meadows. Thanks Bob & Jim! Technically, I think I crossed or climbed the Great Western Divide 7 times on this trip.

Day 1: Drive up and hike to Hamilton Lake.

Day 2: Hike to Kaweah Gap, climb Eagle Scout Peak, and camp before the hail storm.

Day 3: Climb Lawson Peak and Kaweah Queen before descending her treacherous and ultra loose north face to Picket Creek. Climb the distant Picket Guard Peak and return via Pants Pass with a couple of thunder storms along the way.

Day 4: A bit of rain, then Lion Rock Pass and Lion Lake Pass, followed by a climb on Triple Divide Peak before descending to Upper Cloud Canyon.

Day 5: Climbed Glacier Ridge and Whaleback, then moved camp to Colby Lake.

Day 6: Climbed Milestone and Midway but threatening clouds force me to give up Table Mtn (never rained)

Day 7: Over Colby Pass and climbed Kern Point (ugh) before camping at the Kern River.

Day 8: On the High Sierra Trail again but turned off to Guyot Pass and Mt Guyot and camped at Soldier Lake.

Day 9: Hiked out and found Jim and Dave fly fishing
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