Mts Deerhorn and Ruskin Aug 08
Crazy plan to do two long day hikes to two remote peaks in the Sierra. Serendipitous that I ran into Brian, who I had met at the Sierra Challenge a couple of weeks back. He was headed for East Vidette but quickly signed up for Deerhorn when he heard it was my goal. We motivated each other to the top and then back to cars over Kearsarge Pass. After the long approach, the climbing was short but very satisfying. 7 hours to the peak with a one hour break, 14.5 hours round trip. Final stats at 9100’ elevation gain over 25 miles.

Day 2 was a solo up Mt Ruskin from Taboose Pass. I knew I would have difficulty as this would be more miles, more gain, and a lot less stamina. Trudge onwards and upwards (with a nap or two) finally gaining Ruskin’s East Ridge and the fun began. The one overhanging block just below the summit was the icing on the cake. Only took me 10 hours to crawl up there, 4 hours longer than Bob and company. The return would take 8 more interrupted by a fall on talus banging me up pretty good. Drove home that night for a total wake time at about 24 hours. Final stats for day 2 at 10000’ el gain, 27 miles, and 6 hours of driving.
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