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The Honey Bee Chronicles | by McKenna Princing
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The Honey Bee Chronicles

I love honey bees. In 2009, for my research paper class, I chose to write about Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD)--a phenomenon affecting bees throughout the US as well as worldwide that causes them to mysteriously disappear from the hive, resulting in the hive's collapse.


Before writing about CCD, I admit I was slightly fearful of bees. At that time, all they were to me were flying nuisances that could potentially sting me. However, after researching about honey bees and honey bee colonies for my paper, I discovered how fascinating and invaluable honey bees are. They are responsible for pollinating many of our major crops, and we are all better off with them in the world. They are also amazingly hard workers, and honey bee society is intriguing (albeit a bit harsh for the poor drones!).


Now I love honey bees; whenever I see one, I swoop in to photograph it. Honey bees make for great photographic subjects because--as long as you don't interfere with their work--they could care less if you stick a giant camera lens in front of their face.


It's been awhile (mostly due to an abnormally long winter!) since I've photographed a honey bee, so today was a special day for me. :)


This shot was taken at a beautiful nursery--the Nursery at Mt. Si. If you have a chance, check out their website:


Also, here is a US government site where you can read more about CCD, which unfortunately is still causing the mysterious disappearance of far too many honey bees:

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Taken on May 18, 2011