La tarta

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    Y sí, hay huecos en las líneas, uno en cada línea, si las líneas estuvieran completas hubieran desaparecido ;)


    Yes, there are gaps, exactly one gap on every line, otherwise the whole thing would dissapear ;)

    1. 54 months ago | reply

      Awesome Tetris cake! Looks like this was for a wedding. What are the bride and groom figures actually doing though?

    2. bea&txm 54 months ago | reply

      The top of the "screen" is at the right side of the picture. So, if looked correctly, the bride is on the tetrominoe that is currently falling down and the groom is waiting for her looking at the clock.
      As for the sword and all, well the miniatures are based on characters from Spanish humor comicbook.

    3. mache 23 months ago | reply

      Very nice! I like the colors.

    4. bea&txm 23 months ago | reply

      Thank you!

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