Casting Challenge 2011
This past March we returned to the Art Institute of Atlanta, home to instructor and organizer Chef Paul Bodrogi. Local and national pastry chefs gathered to compete, judge and socialize. We had several previous student-contestants that had come back to compete as professionals. To help promote and encourage innovative use of artisan silicone molds all contestants received the same molds and the winning showpiece was judged based on artistic composition, use of color, kitchen work skills and new casting techniques.

Congratulations to Pastry Chef Heidi Kabath, who came in second place. Pastry Chef Gaetan Croiser split the Competitors Choice Award with Pastry Chef Joshua Cain was also awarded first place. Nice work!

Everyone should be able to cast, let keep it interesting...

(Special thanks to Anekapol Rasmidatta 'Andy' for some of the more memorable photos)
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